MAANZ is working on several different projects at any one time. The skill diversity of those involved in the organisation allows a wide range of interesting activities to be undertaken.

Conservation Laboratory
One of the important projects for the long term benefit of MAANZ was the building and development of a metals conservation laboratory aboard the historic vessel Hikitia. The laboratory was successfully completed through many hours of voluntary work by members and is now in active service.  click

Patent Slip

The Patent Slip in Evans Bay was a strong element in the growth of early Wellington, the slip providing its service for over 100 years. MAANZ members have spent many hours both above and below waterline assessing what remnants of the slip still exist. Since 2002 MAANZ has been active in seeking protection for the site. This culminated in about 2/3rds of the remaining site being gazetted as an historic park.

NZHPT has kindly provided a copy of the Registration Report for a Historic Place - 'Information Upgrade Report' for the former Evans Bay Patent Slip.
(NZHPT Report - Evans Bay Patent Slip - PDF 2.5 MB)

Large Anchor Research
In September 1995 the Wellington Regional Council's Harbourmaster organised for the vessel Hikitia to lift and remove chain from the harbour floor. On recovery of 250 metres of chain it was discovered that attached was a large anchor some five and a half metres in length. click

Robina Dunlop Shipwreck
The 493 ton barque Robina Dunlop built in 1874 was wrecked at the mouth of the Turakina River in 1877. This wreckage is the subject of a MAANZ project to investigate and document the wreck site. click

Conservation Guide
An important project is the development of a conservation guide for divers who recover material from the ocean floor. The guide will explain what is safe to remove and what is best left, as well as detailing the current laws on such artefacts. Most importantly it will give basic advice on how to start the conservation process. Development of a New Zealand guide including New Zealand laws is currently on hold..

Protection of recovered maritime artifacts in an emergency is essentially to keep the items wet until expert advice can be gained.

Mahanga Bay (Completed)
Mahanga BayIn 1993 and 1994 the Maritime Archaeological Association of New Zealand undertook an investigation of the remains of a historic wharf located in Mahanga Bay, Wellington Harbour, New Zealand. The survey was successfully completed and a report was published in 2005. click


If there is one thing we do not lack, it is an amazing array of interesting subjects for consideration  as MAANZ projects. As an organisation of voluntary members we cannot work on all of them, however we do record them and reactivate them when the time and resources allow.